1. Payment

Once you have joined the academy, we advise you to pay weekly for the first month in order to allow the student to settle in. We do ask that all weekly payers pay for any classes that they might be absent from as the students place in the class is reserved until we are advised otherwise. After this, initial one month period, you will be required to pay by standing order. If there are specific circumstances we will allow weekly payments, however all lessons will need to be paid for including any of which your child was absent.

2. Parents

A parents will be able to watch the first class, but once students are settled they are asked not to enter the Academy unless its our Baby Ballet/Movement. Parents in the studio can be off-putting to other students. It is the parents responsibility to ensure that their child is fully supervised outside the specified school times.

3. Uniform

After the initial month, students will be required to wear the correct uniform to each of their lessons. A full list of uniform can be found on the website. All hair should be as stated on the uniform list and groomed appropriately.

4. Notice

After one month or more, we do require a further months’ notice in writing if you child is planning to leave the academy as these classes will be charged for. Any student leaving without giving the full notice will be liable to pay a full terms fee.

5. Behaviour

The school has the right to terminate the student’s involvement in any of their classes if their behaviour is deemed unacceptable.

6. Punctuality

All students are expected to attend their classes regularly and on time.

7. Responsibilities

The school does not accept the responsibility to the loss of property or injury sustained by students while on the school premises.

8. Photos and Videos

Students may be filmed/photographed for performances and the website from time to time. By signing the membership form, you therefore give your permission for this to happen. If you wish your child not to be filmed/photographed when please send a letter expressing your wishes.

9. Closure of Academy

Should it be necessary to close the academy on the account of an epidemic, national crisis, extreme weather conditions or any other circumstances over which the Sharon Green Dance Academy has no control, fees cannot be refunded nor compensation made for classes lost.

10. Exams

All students will have the chance to take examinations in most subjects, however, it will be at the teachers discretion as to whether the student is ready to be put in or not.