Newsletter June 2018

Dear Parents and students,

Firstly I would like to congratulate all the students who took part in last week’s show. You were so professional and so well behaved, you are a credit to your parents and I couldn’t have been more proud of each and every one of you.

I would like to thank all the parents for all your help and support over the last few weeks and a special thank you to all those that chaperoned back stage. Congratulations to all my teachers, student teachers and class helpers, you are all a credit to the Academy and an inspiration to all our students.

Thank you to Miss Vanessa, Miss Sophie, Lewis, Miss Lauren, Miss Rachel and Kieron for all your hard work and the support you give me and the children throughout the teaching of classes and the running our shows, fetes and events. I would also like to say a special big thank you to Miss Katy although not teaching at the Academy at the present time is always there by my side for the Academy and Odyssey Theatricals. Couldn’t do it without you all.

For the next two weeks we will be running classes as the show timetable so there is no change. From Monday 18th June we will go back to the original timetable with some slight changes. I will send out the new timetable in the next week.

We have some fetes and events coming up in the next few weeks. We will be taking some of the show dances to perform. Here is the list and I will send more info direct to those that will be taking part.

The dates are:
Saturday 9th June – Christopher Rawlings Fete – Dance at 1pm
Friday 22nd June – Bishop Loveday Fete – TBC Between 6pm – 8pm
Sunday 8th July – Town Mayors Sunday (Peoples Park) – Time TBC
Saturday 14th July – Bodfest – Time TBC

The dances are:
The Sea from Moana – Prep/Primary/Grade 1 Modern
Trolls – Primary Ballet
Genies – Preparatory Ballet
Sailors – Festival Junior Group
60`s Revive – Grade 2 Modern Only
Paolo Nuttini – Grade 4/5 Modern

Once again well done everyone on a great show and see you back in class.

Miss Sharon xxx


Sharon Green 30 Years 2018

Showcasing some of the school’s finest work from recent years, the students put on some wonderful performances of some past and present routines of classical, modern and musical numbers that we all love, as well as some of Sharon’s own creations and adaptations of some of the great shows being performed today. With all the numbers fantastically costumed by the wonderful Jeannette of Wacky Wardrobes, there was something for everyone.

Dancers performing Come Alive



For Dress rehearsal and Show performances (Thurs, Fri, Sat evenings) your child will be required at Wykham Hall, Banbury School at 6.00pm. Babies and Pre-Juveniles at 6.30pm (The show starts at 7.30pm – but we need time to get all the children dressed).  They will be looked after by chaperones until they are ready to be collected.  The babies and Pre-Juvenile always perform nearer the beginning of the first half so that they can be collected at 7.45pm.   The children in Preparatory, Primary & Grade 1 classes can be collected at the interval (approx. 8.30pm).   If your child is staying till the finale, or you are watching the show then they can remain with their chaperones in the dressing rooms until the show is over.  They are not allowed to join you in the theatre whilst the show is performing. If your child is only in the first half and not joining in the end finale you may collect them in the interval to join you to watch the second half. But! They MUST have their own seat.  Due to Health and Safety and Fire Regulations they are not allowed to sit on your lap and watch the show. The show will finish approx. 9.45pm. (10pm Saturday evening)


For the Matinee your child will be required at 12.00pm.  (The show starts at 2.00pm). The babies and Pre-Juvenile can be collected at 2.15pm. The children in Preparatory, Primary & Grade 1 classes can be collected at the interval (approx. 3.00pm). The show will finish approx. 4.15pm. All children need to be back for 6pm for the evening performance.    

Every performance the children will be “logged in” and the younger ones taken to their dressing rooms by a chaperone or older student.  If you have a problem with your child being handled by a chaperone (this will involve getting them dressed and undressed) please let me know. When they leave they will be “checked out” directly to you unless you have given us permission for them to be collected by another Adult. Any Child under 16yrs will not be allowed to go unless collected from the collection point. Please appreciate that this takes time and you may have to wait for your child to be collected from the dressing room and brought to you.  All chaperones and associates of the school will be wearing named badges for identification purposes. Please ensure that we have your current contact details, including a mobile number if you have one. It is important that these are up-to-date in case we need to contact you during the show.

For the dress rehearsal and performances, please send your child with a small bag named (to put their clothes in), a hairbrush and a comb. It helps if your child wears the minimal amount of clothing when they come to the theatre. All nail varnish must have been removed. All students must not wear any jewellery to the show. They may bring books, quiet games, etc. to keep them occupied when not on stage. Please note we will not be responsible for any personal items that are lost. Please do not send felt tips, chocolate or fizzy drinks with them.  Drinks and biscuits will be provided.   


Sunday 27th May at Wykham Hall Full run through of the show
Tuesday 29th May at Wykham Hall Full run through of the show
Wednesday 30th May at Wykham Hall Dress Rehearsal
Thursday 31st May at Wykham Hall Show performance
Friday 1st June at Wykham Hall Show performance
Saturday 2nd June at Wykham Hall Show performance (Matinee/evening)


Please be at Wykham Hall by 3.00pm. We will start the run through at 3.30pm sharp. The children need to wear their uniform and bring their dancing shoes with them (again if needed).  The babies and Pre-Juvenile can be collected at 4.15pm The Primary and Grade 1 children can be collected at 6.00pm. Once the children have danced they will be allowed to watch the rehearsal until we finish which will estimate will be approx. 8.30pm. Parents will not be able to enter the hall during the rehearsal and we hope not to run late but please be patient!


Please be at Wykham Hall by 6.00pm. We will start the run through at 7.00pm sharp. The children need to wear their uniform and bring their dancing shoes with them (again if needed).  The babies, Pre-Juvenile and Preparatory Ballet and Tap will not need to come to this rehearsal. The Primary and Grade 1 children can be collected at 8.00pm. Parents will not be able to enter the hall during the rehearsal and we hope not to run late but please be patient!


The children will be photographed in their costumes throughout the show week. These photos and the ones taken on the 20th May will be available to buy on a disc a couple of weeks after the show. A DVD of the show recorded by AVP Studios will be taken on the Saturday matinee. Orders to buy the DVD can be placed during the show in the foyer. Should you have any objections to your child being photographed or filmed, please let me know.


Tickets are now available to you and the public from ANKERS & PARTNERS, 31, High Street, Banbury OX16 5ER. Tickets cost £10 Adults, £8 Children (16yrs and under)/OAP. Please don`t leave it till the last minute if you have not got yours as they will sell. Ankers have asked that when purchasing tickets from them, please pay by cash.


If you are willing to help Chaperone at the show please could you let your child`s teacher know, send me a text or email what performances (including Sunday 27th rehearsal and the dress rehearsal) you can do. This job involves looking after a group of children, getting them dressed ready for their dances, and those that can, help do make-up and hair. Depending on what group you have there will also be trips to the toilets. For this job we will need your patience and co-operation. You will need to be at the theatre at the exact time as the children. On Sunday 27th May there will be a meeting in the foyer at Wykham at 2.15pm where you will then be shown back stage and where you will be appointed (You may bring your children with you at this time). We appreciate you may not be able to do every performance. Can I point out it will be very unlikely you will look after your own child as from experience this does not work. There will be a rotor planned out before the week, can I ask that you kindly go by this and stay with the children you have been appointed to throughout the show. If you are not happy with what you have been assigned to, please let me know and I will adjust it or take you off the list.


I have been asked that if there are any parents who would prefer to help front of house before the show and in the interval on any of the performances please could you get in touch with Janet Phipps on 01295 250948.

Janet also asks if anyone would like to kindly donate a Raffle prize for the raffle, Please bring them into the Academy on your child`s lesson or any of the extra rehearsals. Many thanks    

If you have any questions or queries or are concerned about anything, please contact me on



Spring Newsletter March 2018

Dear Parents and Students

I hope you are all well and students, you are enjoying working on your dances for our Academy show.

I am now preparing your Show letter which you will receive at the beginning of May. I can confirm that Tickets will go on sale at The Sharon Green Academy in Bodicote on Friday 27 th April 4pm – 8pm and on Saturday 28 th April 9.30pm – 12.30pm. From Tuesday 1 st May the tickets will be kindly sold at Anker’s Estate Agents, High Street, Banbury from 12pm. We cannot accept card payments and if you are paying by cheque, Cheques are payable to Sharon Green Academy and must have your name, address and phone number printed on the back of the cheque. Tickets will cost £10.00 Adults and £8.00 Children (16yrs under) / Oaps.

I have noticed in my previous letter there was an error within the show rehearsal dates. Here are the dates again; please take note there is a rehearsal on the Tuesday the week of the show.


Photos in Costume – Sunday 20  th May 2018 at the Dance Academy.
Full show rehearsal – Sunday 27th May 2018 (PM) at Wykham Hall, Banbury School
Full show rehearsal – Tuesday 29th May 2018 (Evening) at Wykham Hall, Banbury School
Full dress rehearsal – Wednesday 30th May 2018 (Evening) at Wkyham Hall,Banbury School
Performances (Evenings) – Thursday 31st May – Saturday 2nd June 2018 including a Saturday afternoon matinee. These are all at Wykham Hall, Banbury School
Times for all of the above will be confirmed soon with all the information you need for the show.

On Monday 28th May, myself, Miss Sophie, Lewis and some students from the Academy will be running the 10K in London raising money for Cancer Research. I know this charity is close to many of our hearts and if you would like to donate towards this amazing charity it would be much appreciated. Here is the link, Sponsor us by donating to Cancer Research UK:

Some of our students are taking part in Odyssey Theatricals next show “CURTAINS” if you are interested in coming to watch a very good perform of this show tickets are available from or ring 01295 267342. Prices are £13 (£10 concessions).

Odyssey Youth also have their next show TASTER DAY on Sunday 15th March 2pm – 5pm at Wykham Theatre, Banbury Academy. The show we are doing this year is “SINGING IN THE RAIN” This will definitely appeal to some of our students. For more information go to

The Academy will be closed for Easter from Friday 30th March and re-open on Friday 6th April.
Please try and make all classes as it is very difficult setting all dances when students are away. Those that have not filled in the Show form I now take it will not be taking part in the show.

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact me or talk to your teachers. Have a great Easter and I look forward to seeing you all soon

Miss Sharon xxx


Summer Newsletter – June 2016

Hi All

SHOW 2016

Wow! What can I say, what an amazing week we have just had. Everyone that I have spoken to loved the show. I’m so proud of each and every one of the students, they were terrific on stage and backstage.

Can I take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped in any way leading up to and through the week of the Show. I could not have done it without all your help and support. THANK – YOU X

A huge congratulations to my teachers for their part involved in the Show and what amazing talent they all have. They are a credit to the Academy and I feel very privileged to have them alongside me.

And now

We have a few things going on before we close for the Summer Month of August. As some of you are aware Miss Sophie is having to cut some of her hours down. Due to this there are a few changes to the timetable, a lot that have been taking place in the show timetable so should still suit all. If there are queries or issues, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


The following dances have been chosen from the Show to perform at the two Fetes we have been asked to do. Bishop Loveday Primary School Fete (Friday 17th June) and Bodicote Bodfest (Saturday 9th July). Those that are in any of these numbers please can you let me know if you are able or not to take part as soon as possible.

Pirates of the Caribbean
Bring it on (Cross the Line)
Ugly Bug Ball
Garden Fairies


Good Luck to all those who are taking part in the Dance Festival over the next 3 Sundays, We know you will do us proud. BIG SMILES!


We will now be looking on the students taking their next exams. As soon as they are ready, we will put them forward for the next exam session available. Please remember this will be my decision. I will not put any student in that I feel is not ready. Not only is this unfair on the Student but also on the high standard of the Academy.

Summer Holidays

We close for the Summer on Saturday 30th July and re-open on Tuesday 30th August. At the end of July, Beginning of August you will receive an email with your new standing order details which needs to be altered to start the beginning of the September 2016. Please do not cancel you monthly payment for August even though we are closed. Your fees were worked out and divided through till September.

For those that I may not get to see, I hope you all have a lovely Summer and I look forward to seeing you all when we return at the end of August.

Miss Sharon xx


Tickets and Show Letter – May 2016

Dear Parents and Students

Firstly I would like to say a big thank-you to Janet, Ray, Jo and Gemma for selling our show tickets at the weekend. It was really appreciated. Can I also thank those that queued for tickets for your patience and understanding for why we sell them the way we do. For those that are new to this, the reason why we don’t sell them online etc. There are nearly 200 students within the school. We always include each and every one of the students including our babies and with them being so young they do not do every performance so this way allows their parents and families chance to purchase tickets on the shows they are performing in. We also guarantee that everyone else has a chance to get their tickets to see their children perform before they go out to the public.

The tickets are now available from Anker’s.

Anker and Partners, 31-32 High St, Banbury OX16 5ER

Anker’s have asked that all tickets that are purchased from them be paid for by cash.

Click here for the show letter that gives you all the information you need for the week of our show. As you will see there is now no photo session on the 22nd May. We will be taking all photos throughout the show, these will be put on a disc for you to purchase. The cost of the disc will be £6 each.

If there are any queries please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Miss Sharon